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Whether you’re a Facility Services Provider or your business is Property Management, DuraServ provides comprehensive loading dock, door and equipment service and maintenance 24/7/365 to national customers with large-scale facilities.

One-on-One Service Experience

It’s 1 call to 1 person to dispatch 1 truck and technician to fix the problem in 1 trip.

  • Experienced and high-qualified team members who successfully resolve tens of thousands of service requests annually.
  • We maintain a complete Asset Registry of the products at your facility.
  • Our international Inventory Management System gets necessary product(s) directly to responding technician.

Customer Alert System

During the course of servicing your equipment, if we discover a potential problem, we make sure YOU ARE THE FIRST TO KNOW.

  • We create and submit an instant proposal to rectify the situation.
  • All safety and operational requirements are outlined.
  • Our goal is to help reduce risk, enhance operational efficiency and provide solutions that work.

Planned Maintenance Program

Our skilled and highly qualified service representatives perform all necessary and routine work and inspections to eliminate downtime and disruptions to keep your facility running at peak efficiency.

  • Factory trained technicians ‘safety and equipment’ certified to the most current and demanding standards.
  • Service trucks are completely stocked with common wear and tear parts and equipment so replace and/or repair can be done on the spot.
  • Complete all maintenance required under terms of manufacturers’ warranties.
  • Perform seasonal cleaning and adjustments to ensure peak performance.
  • Conduct inspections and submit reports in line with our Customer Alert System to identify and report potential problems.

Design 2 Delivered

No matter how large or small your facility or the size of your budget, you’ll get industry-leading thinking and the best possible solution with DuraServ.

  • Working knowledge and expertise with over 4,000 products.
  • A proven team of skilled designers and experienced installation professional.
  • A full service department committed to supporting your facility throughout its operation lifetime.

Work Order Management Systems

Our people are completely knowledgeable and our systems are compatible with all major work order management systems.

  • Service Channel
  • Maximo
  • Verisae
  • Blue Sky
  • and more…

Service Locations

With 17 proprietary locations and a national service partner network, DuraServ spans coast to coast in the United States and key markets in Canada.

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