Energy Saving Products

Energy Saving Products

Poly Head Dock Light & Fan Combo

An illuminated truck trailer allows your employees to safely load and unload quickly and efficiently! Now you can improve poor lighting and ventilation at your dock.

APS Reflect & Guide Stripes

47,000 microprisms per square inch provide intense reflective property

APS FT Ultra XL Dock Light

39″ stainless steel flexible arm for easy positioning

Kelley DGBM

The Kelley Safety Gate, in a closed position, protects personnel, goods and equipment from inadvertently falling off the loading dock through an open dock door.

Aps Led Guide Lights

Operates via the included on/off control console for both guide lights

Aps E-Saver Led Bulb

27 watt LED uses less than 1/5 the energy of a traditional incandescent.

Serco Energy Guard™

The Energy Guard® dock leveler weatherseal is the most effective way to protect your loading dock from multiple maladies — energy loss, dirt, debris and pests among them.

Energy Guard® Retrofit Kit

Facilities have to be extremely conscious of any potential air leaks into the building.

High Impact Led™ Dock Light

The High Impact LED Dock Light has a compact, durable design for your most demanding applications at the loading dock.

G-Flex LED Dock Light™

The G-Flex LED Dock Light is the durable and long lasting answer to your dock light needs.