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The Spiral commercial overhead door offers high-speed operation for high-traffic situations with rigid aluminum slat construction that eliminates the need for a second security door. Crisp lines give the Spiral door a stylish look suitable for various commercial, automotive retail, government, institutional and industrial applications. When considering overhead coiling doors, the Spiral door is known as the most secure option for automotive dealerships, government, parking, and security needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Reinforced, high-strength aluminum slats enhance the aesthetics of this door. Full view and perforated slats are optional.
  • Mechanical brake release levers allow door opening in the event of power failure.
  • Counterbalance systems patented spiral designs, and AC drives reduce wear and increase door longevity, with minimal preventative maintenance.
  • Opening speed up to 96 inches per second and closing speed up to 24 inches per second increases traffic flow and security while decreasing energy consumption.
  • Double-walled anodized aluminum slats individually attached to the lifting system allow for easy replacement of individual slats without complete door disassembly.
  • EPDM rubber seals between each slat provide a tight seal against weather, cannot be penetrated with sharp objects and prevent metal-to-metal contact of slats.
Dynaco Dynarigid

When interior or exterior security is a concern, the DYNARIGID provides protection with its solid door leaf composed of high-grade aluminum slats.

Rytec Spiral Door

The Spiral® door offers high-speed operation for high-traffic situations & rigid aluminum slat construction that eliminates the need for a second security door.

Rytec Spiral Full Vision Door

Using ultra-high-speed operation and unique spiral technology, the Spiral® FV® door is fast and extremely quiet.

Rytec Spiral Low Headroom Door

The Spiral® LH® door offers high-speed for high-traffic situations while meeting the low headroom requirements of parking garages or other commercial structures

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