C-Class Commercial Fan

C-Class Commercial Fan

Experience C-Class

Where Style And Functionality Meet

Why settle for an ordinary fan when you can let your ideas take flight? Free your imagination with the completely customizable Entrematic C-Class commercial fan. Its lightweight, low-profile design makes it versatile enough to mount in a variety of spaces, while a 5-blade design helps it run so quietly you almost won’t notice it’s there unless, of course, you design it to stand out.

Design Highlights

  • 5-Blade Design

    Built for low-speed rotary airfoil applications & quieter experience.

  • Versatile Mounting

    Attach to wood ceilings, between roof trusses & more with a variety of mounting configurations

  • Itegrated Electronics

    Integrated electronics and wireless remote functionality for easy operation

  • Custom Powder-Coating

    Color and designs powder-coated onto fan for a durable, high-quality finish

  • Downturned Winglets

    Promote airflow efficiency, funneling away turbulent air that can cause drag

  • Low-Profile Advantage

    Optimizes airflow while accommodating lower ceilings

  • Blades

    Blades snap onto hub through unique easy-to-install design

  • Fire-Safe Shutdown

    Connects with your building’s system to shut down during a fire

Color Options

  • Stardust Silver
  • Gloss Black
  • Reflective White
  • Red Baron
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Safety Green, Orange, Yellow


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Industrial Operations
Safety And Security
Safety And Security
Food And Beverages
Food And Beverages
Distribution Operations
Distribution Operations
General Warehousing
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