Zap Operator Model 825

Zap Operator Model 825

Zap Operator

“Our Proof that Size doesn’t Matter”

Zap Controller

The control unit provides fast, variable speed operation with a self calibrating speed change point before each limit of travel and also provides a soft stop. The system operates without limit switches, as the controller monitors motor current and stops the door at the limit of travel. The door will stop and reopen if obstructed during the close cycle and will stop if obstructed during the open cycle. This fast reacting obstruction sensing system avoids cables jumping the drums. The controller will automatically stop the motor on sensing a slide lock left in a locked position without the use of an interlock switch. The controller incorporates an adjustable auto-close timer and full safety control from photocells.

Optional Remote Control Receiver, Auto-Lock, Traffic Light Controller and Dock Leveler interface are also available

Zap Controller

Operates overhead, profile, or vertical sliding sectional doors. Requires only a single phase 3.5 amp power supply (6 amps with lighting).

Sensitive Obstruction Detection

Door can be stopped without a safety edge, by hand pressure. The door will stop and reopen if obstructed during the close cycle. The door will stop if obstructed during the open cycle.

Manual Over-Ride

Manual over-ride release easily enables disengagement of the drive, to allow the door to be moved by hand.

Design Highlights

  • Simple lightweight installation
  • Requires single phase supply only
  • Operates without limit switches
  • High torque variable speed and soft stop
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Adjustable auto-close timer
  • Stop and re-open without a safety edge
  • Safety control from Photocells etc
  • Will operate during a power failure with optional battery back up
  • Traffic light control and dock leveler interlock optional interface
  • Optional plug-in remote control receiver
  • Field proven and time tested
  • Approved for commercial use: CSA/UL325. CE.
  • 825 range doors up to 170 sq ft
  • 16 sq Mtrs


Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency


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